Volume Rendering of Type 3 Macular Neovascularization from OCT Angiography

Volume rendering of structural optical coherence tomography (OCT) and OCT angiography of type 3 macular neovascularization shows 3-dimensional view of the vascular abnormalities in the superior portion of the macula when rotated 180°. In addition, the coronal view shows blood flow from OCT angiography immediately below the deep capillary plexus in 2 distinct areas. When the structural OCT (gray) is superimposed on the OCT angiography (yellow), the neovascular blood flow can be seen within a hyperreflective area at the level of the outer nuclear layer. The retinal artery (red) and vein (blue) from fluorescein angiography can be superimposed on the OCT angiography image, also highlighting the perpendicular connections of this artery and vein to the macular neovascularization.

Click https://ja.ma/386v8KW for full case details.

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