Telestration in Minimally Invasive Surgery

Telestration systems are instructional tools that enable freehand drawing (annotation) or guidance via display of hands or other structures over images or videos.

Surgical instruction telestration systems are now available for laparoscopic and robotic-assisted surgery and can overlay virtual hand movements and gestures or painting and drawing of resection lines as an augmented or mixed reality overlay for simulated training or in real-time during procedures.

This video illustrates telestration instruction of surgical technique during live laparoscopic surgery using AIS TeleSurgeon (AIS Channel), a plug-and-play device that does not require additional equipment other than a personal computer or tablet.

Click for a full discussion of use of the technology for remote proctoring and telementoring of surgical trainees and faculty and for an illustration of use of augmented reality during instruction with the iSurgeon system (Heidelberg University Hospital).

Don’t Let Lyme Disease Spoil Your Picnic

Lyme illness is a microbial infection caused by deer ticks which prosper in woody or verdant locations. These little brown critters which are as tiny as the head of a pin nurture the spiral-shaped Borrelia burgdorferi germs. They spread out the disease while feeding. Typically, these ticks feed on the blood of animals like deer, birds and also mice. Yet if you take place to venture right into their region, you might become their following meal host.

Living With Hepatitis C

Have you ever had a blood transfusion before the late 1980s? Any type of tattoo work before then? You might have this condition and not even know having it. The National Institutes of Health And Wellness (NIH) estimates that some four million Americans are contaminated with HCV. Many individuals have it as well as are living well and also healthy lives with this illness.

Mouth Yeast Infections

Yeast infection infections in the mouth are referred to as mouth yeast infections or thrush. It is triggered by candida fungus albicans which is additionally accountable for vaginal yeast infection and also baby diaper breakout in babies. Thrush mostly occurs to the people with damaged resistance.

Hiatal Hernia Repair – Things to Remember in Preparing For This Procedure

Hiatal hernia repair service is a surgery which remedies a defect leading to a sticking out muscle mass in between the diaphragm as well as the tummy. Other names for this procedure are fundoplication as well as anti-reflux surgical procedure. A hiatal rupture usually occurs when the opening in the diaphragm is as well big enabling cells protrusion downwards. If this trouble is not repaired the stomach or various other stomach components might bulge or herniate upwards right into your chest tooth cavity and that can trigger heartburn as well as other major damages to the esophagus.

What is Gout? – Know it All!

Lots of people are questioning what is gout as this has been a prominent disease amongst middle-aged as well as old grownups. It can affect anyone in the household specifically if this has been an usual disease among the family members. At this point you may be asking yourself: what is gout?

Swine Flu – A Brief Jist

Swine flu has actually increased its head in most components of the globe, but the panic is a lot more in India, where there is a large populace and also extreme winter in advance. Yet one concern arises in every person’s mind is – What is Swine flu?

Complications After Hemorrhoidectomy

Hemorrhoidectomy is a surgical incision or elimination of a pile. In this procedure, the dilated capillary inside the pile is tied off to avoid bleeding, after which the hemorrhoid will be removed. The tools made use of in this treatment are typically a scalpel, suturing gadgets as well as a cautery equipment – this is used to stop the blood loss. It is very important for individuals with hemorrhoids to know the feasible problems of any treatment either invasive or non-invasive to avoid any confusion or panic after the treatment has been done.

Help With MRSA Infections – Stopping MRSA Boils Before They Are Life Threatening

Have you come across this natural treatment for boils? If taken at very first indication of a MRSA boil, the boil can be lowered before a negative infection embed in.

Chronic Fatigue – Are You Experiencing These Symptoms?

Chronic fatigue is an often debilitating ailment that emerges with different symptoms that are commonly puzzling to detect and also hard to treat. It is a persistent health problem that has actually proceeded to dumbfound much of the clinical neighborhood regarding its straight reason. This truth has added to the difficulty in advanced therapy methods for client that endure from fatigue syndrome.

Hepatitis E – The Other Waterborne Hepatitis Virus

Additionally called enterically transferred non-A non-B liver disease has actually been the source of numerous outbreaks as well as occasional situations over a large geographical region. The most up to date break out is presently underway in the African country of Uganda. There have been 210 people admitted to healthcare facilities because of this condition with 12 fatalities reported.

The Threat of Disease in Crowded Indoor Spaces

Everybody recognizes that your opportunities of obtaining ill boost exponentially when you are surrounded by many individuals in close quarters. But what you may not recognize is the distinction in bacterium control when the group is inside your home vs. outdoors.

Chronic Inflammation and Disease

You need inflammation to live. Nonetheless it can additionally kill you. Intense swelling is the immediate response to injury or infection.

Ideas to Help With Acid Reflux

Indigestion is an extremely annoying condition to have. The signs vary however it primarily manifests itself as heartburn, regurgitation and also problem swallowing. However the results are not just physical. The burning sensation can make social scenarios extremely unpleasant.

Bronchitis – Serious Viral Infection

Bronchitis is a serious microbial or viral infection. It is essentially swelling of the mucous membranes of the bronchi which carries air from the trachea into the lungs. Numerous people have it at one point and it can come in intense or chronic. Regardless, it threatens to have due to the fact that your airflow is limited.

Correct Diet to Lower Cholesterol

High cholesterol can create a stroke and also a cardiac arrest, by not being active and also consuming the appropriate sort of foods you could create on your own to get high cholesterol. Cholesterol is a really fatty compound, which can also be called lipid, which is created by the liver. Several foods such as fatty meats, egg yolks, shellfish and whole milk dairy items can create high cholesterol. One factor to take into consideration is your family health background as it associates with cholesterol. Bear in mind, you need to have a healthy and balanced diet to reduced cholesterol.

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