Rhythmic Muscle Twitching in Primary Lateral Sclerosis

A 43-year-old man with slowly progressive motor weakness, difficulty swallowing (dysphagia), and slurred speech (dysarthria) over 30 years was diagnosed with an atypical form of primary lateral sclerosis (PLS) on the basis of upper motor neuron signs on physical examination, including increased deep tendon reflexes in all extremities, the Babinski reflex on the right side, and tap-elicited sustained clonus of the biceps and triceps brachii, as shown in this video.

Clonus is involuntary, rhythmic muscle contractions caused by damage to the upper motor neurons. Sustained clonus is usually encountered in the knee or ankle and is much less common in the wrist and jaw. Tap-elicited clonus is rare in the biceps and triceps brachii, and this patient’s clonus did not need continuous passive stretch of the muscle to be sustained, as is usually the case.

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Lupus – Is it Contagious?

Will you get Lupus by touching somebody with it? I don’t understand, and also wonder if the Medical Profession knows!

Lupus and the Sun

Sun block just does not reduce it for me. I have Lupus as well as really recognize what it implies to endure!

What is Lupus? Do You Know?

I will certainly always remember exactly how he told me about it. He called me right into his workplace, sat me down on a chair, kindly counseled me regarding the seriousness of my affliction. My response was among “so what”. He was extremely major, offering me the feeling that I might pass away tomorrow from this malady.

Edema Treatment – Its Symptoms and Causes

Liquid build-up in the body cells and the area around the organs of the body is acknowledged as edema. Comprehending the reason that results in the condition is commonly the most effective method for edema treatment.

When Someone Else Has Cancer – 5 Important Things to Remember

When a close friend or family participant is diagnosed with cancer cells, your life can be thrown into chaos. To assist keep you grounded, stop and also take into consideration these 5 factors.

Defining – What is Lymphedema?

In straightforward terms, lymphedema might be referred to as swelling created on account of the merging of the lymph fluids. The lymphatic system is a network of lymph vessels and also nodes as well as is in charge of transferring the body liquids to the blood stream for filtration and elimination of hazardous aspects.

Candida Albicans Yeast Infection – What is it and How Does it Affect You?

If you have actually taken biology at any factor in your life, you might bear in mind these two words: Candida albicans Albicans. Need a tip of what that is? Yeast Albicans (also called monillia) is the scientific term for a fungus that resides on our body.

Yeast Infections in Men – What You Need to Know

Men are not unsusceptible to yeast infection. Nowadays, yeast infection has been taking place a growing number of even in infants, and also a lot more so in men. Lots of people think that yeast infection just influences ladies and also only at women’s genital location. This is a misunderstanding that needs to be recognized as well as dispelled with appropriate education.

Helping Infants Avoid Flu – 5 Ways to Help Keep Your Baby Healthy During Flu Season

The influenza vaccine is a fantastic preventative action for those who are 6 months as well as older. But if your baby is less than 6 months, you will certainly need to believe outside package for some alternatives for maintaining your child healthy and balanced this influenza season. Right here are 5 effective ways to boost your youngster’s chances of remaining healthy and balanced.

Lymphedema Products Used in Treatment

A combination of various types of treatment is made use of to deal with lymphedema; making use of lymphedema products such as compression garments, bandaging, manual lymph drainage, workout and also skin care are several of the therapies that may be adhered to. Numerous lymphedema products require to be used so that the treatment works. These include compression bandages and garments, special shoes, devices like bolts, hooks and also putting on help, compression gadgets, foams and cushioning, pneumatic pumps, etc

7 Diseases Doctors Often Miss That Can Kill You

Physicians make errors, too. And also typically, such errors come by way of making a diagnostic miss out on. These are the leading seven illness that physicians miss out on, as well as they can eliminate you.

Using Lymphedema Pumps

Lymphedema pumps are in some cases made use of to direct the pooled liquids to the blood stream. Massage therapy therapists might often use the pump, yet it is a crucial help for people who can not use the services of a massage therapy therapist.

Dissolving Gallstones – 3 Non-Surgical Ways to Dissolve Your Gallstones

Gallstones come to be a bothersome and also continuous discomfort once the stones begin to block the bile ducts. The pain will come to be much more extreme when bile liquids accumulate behind the blockage.

Barrett’s Esophagus – What is It?

Esophageal cells are different from those that line the stomach. In a regular esophagus, pinkish-white cells called squamous epithelium line the tube. Barrett’s esophagus is a condition in which the regular tissue cellular lining has actually been changed by irregular red-colored epithelium, which is described as specialized digestive tract metaplasia. Essentially, these cells are digestive tract cells as opposed to esophageal cells.

Lupus Disease – 3 Basic Insights

Lupus, a common illness that 1 in 2000 people have. If you are experiencing a laziness or unusual points of discomfort in your joints or you just are really feeling typically unhappy, ask your physician to test you for Lupus.

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