Live: Press briefing on WHO COP26 Special Report on Climate Change and Health

Context: The press conference will see the launch of a WHO COP26 special report on climate change and health along with an open letter from over 45 million health professionals worldwide calling for an ambitious outcome at COP26.

Opening remarks:

Dr Naoko Yamamoto, Assistant Director-General, Universal Health Coverage / Healthier Populations


Dr María Neira, WHO Director, Environment, Climate Change and Health

Dr Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum, Team Lead, Climate Change and Health, WHO headquarters, Geneva

Howard Catton, CEO, International Council of Nurses

Expert panelists

Dr Jeni Miller, Executive Director, Global Climate and Health Alliance

Dr. Ruth A. Etzel, Chair of the Strategic Advisory Group on Environmental Health, International Pediatric Association

How to Avoid Getting the Flu

Do you desire to avoid having the influenza? Naturally – it can be really severe even at a younger age. Its all extremely well to clean your hands and avoid touching other individuals. And also eating the ideal things does help also. Yet did you recognize you can additionally increase your body immune system by grinning as well as unwinding?

This Year’s Influenza Virus, The Swine Flu

Influenza is a viral illness more extreme than the cold and also is normally related to frustration, muscle mass aches, tiredness as well as high temperature. The Swine influenza pandemic which stemmed from the H1N1 strain of virus had its origins in Mexico at some time at the start of 2009. It rapidly infected various other areas of the world after it was recognized in April and also was soon identified a pandemic by the that. There have actually been previous, smaller outbreaks of Mexican or Swine flu as the illness has ended up being frequently recognized and some individuals (aged 50+), that had encountered it the last time around have shown some immunity in the existing break out.

Current Health Articles on the Immune System

The body immune system is made of cells that protect the body against infections as well as bacteria on 24 hrs basis. The obligation of the immune system is to maintain the body healthy and balanced and also to avoid infections. Nonetheless, present heath write-ups are discussing several illness which are being created by issues connected to the immune system.

How You Get Sick and How You Get Well Again – Part 2

I think stress is the reason of illness. Find out below exactly how to manage stress to obtain well and remain well.

Colitis – Understanding Inflammation

Colitis is Inflammation of the Colon. When you get treatment from the Medical professional, the main technique is using anti-inflammatory medications.

Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome – What You Should Know

This post talks about Zollinger-Ellision Disorder. It explains the usual symptoms and signs in addition to therapy procedures.

Know About Sinusitis

Sinus problems is the sinus infection caused because of swelling of inner lining of sinuses. The sinuses are the areas or locations in between the bones in the face where air passes and where a liquid called mucous percolates right into the nose. In some cases, if the body has difficulty in defending from the microorganisms or virus that caused the cool, then basic head cold can result in sinus problems.

Severe Hypothyroidism – What Are Your Options to Cure It?

Hypothyroidism is a disease, affecting greater than 2% of the population. But it is extreme in less than 20% of individuals. Luckily, there is a natural cure for this disease, which you can swiftly use prior to it is as well late. Continue reading for more information.

Common Childhood Diseases and Disorders That You Should Know

Extra treatment and also appropriate treatment is called for in youth diseases and problems. In this article you will locate typical childhood illness and conditions like chest infections, cough, asthma and influenza.

Abdominal Pain

Stomach adhesions are bands of scar cells that base on internal organs as the body’s action to trauma, infection, swelling, even radiation. Attachments establish as the body attempts to repair itself. However, for reasons not comprehended, this natural recovery action can obtain out of hand; adhesions proceed to develop throughout the abdomen causing interior body organs to come to be integrated together.

Acid Reflux Cure – Three Simple Solutions to Stop Acid Reflux

Do you experience heartburn as well as require an indigestion treatment? If you agree to take some guidance and also make a couple adjustments, then you can heal heartburn in as low as 2 days.

Living With Parkinson’s Disease – Conquering The Little Mountains – Challenges In The Bathroom

The restroom is the location where we look after some standard and also very important requirements. For the majority of us, it is important to have privacy as well as freedom. This can be challenging. What are some of the prospective issues? There are solutions that will certainly make life much easier for you.

Celiacs Disease and Candida – Experience and Shares

This write-up will certainly explain Celiacs Illness and also Candida Fungus. The article is based on actual concern from my good friend. She involved the conclusion in March in 2014 that she has difficulty with yeast, after great deals of clinical examinations, including the biopsy test for Celiac’s. Doctor’s weren’t any help, she pretty much finally figured it out on her very own. She obtains severe migraine headaches that made use of to last over a month each time (she have two toddlers also) as well as run a home-based company. Plus she has stomach issues.

Yeast Infection in Men – A Walking Time Bomb

A yeast infection in men is just one of those illness barely heard of but once it strikes, it can obtain rather awkward. Although candidasis or yeast infection is extra likely to be obtained by ladies, it is a misunderstanding that males are immune to this.

Yeast Infection Home Remedy

Before identifying an yeast infection natural home remedy, it is essential to learn the varying root causes of this infection. Candida albicans is the name of the yeast that almost everybody has, and which triggers such infections. With the aid of a few other, great microorganisms, your yeast levels can be maintained in check.

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