Efun (Flesh) – 2021 Special prize for health educational film for youth – WHO Film Festival

“Efun (Flesh)” is a fiction highlighting the human right for women and teenagers to say no to female genital mutilation. This short film obtained in 2021 a special prize as an educational film for youth in the 2nd edition of the Health for All Film Festival by the World Health Organisation. It’s a film directed by Anita Abada (Nigeria)

As part of traditions, to achieve womanhood, a young girl is forced to undergo Female Genital Mutilation – even though she believes she has a right to make decisions about her own body.

More info: www.who.int/film-festival

Diseases Due To High Altitude-Acute Mountain Sickness (Soroche)

In the Himalayas alone, greater than 2 million persons in India carry out strolling by foot yearly. A number of the Indian soldiers are released at high altitudes. Hence, this is an important issue in India. Abrupt exposure to altitudes above 2,400 m might result in hyperventilation, raised heart price, palpitation and also migraines resulting from decreased oxygen stress. In prone subjects untoward signs and symptoms succeed 6 to 96 hrs of the ascent, and also this is recognized as acute hill sickness (AMS). Cold weather condition and extreme physical activity predispose to this condition.

The Several Clinical Forms of Immunodeficiency State

Serious kinds of immunodeficiency states are so incompatible with life that they are rarely seen in medical technique. What are these details conditions?

High Altitude Pulmonary Edema And Some Other Diseases Due To High Altitude

This is a much more significant issue compared to AMS. Young subjects in evidently excellent health and wellness are extra affected. It may show up in beginners as well as likewise in subjects acclimatized to high altitudes, if they rise the height quickly after periods of remain at reduced altitudes. Altitudes over 2500 m can be harmful, yet many of the instances occur at heights of 3050 to 4550 m. Square meal, physical effort and also too-rapid an ascent speed up the problem. Symptoms begin within 6 to two days of reaching the station.

Autoimmune Diseases and Some Important Immunological Disorders

The auto-immune illness arise from immunologically moderated cells damage where the antigens entailed are autologous. Several mechanisms have actually been recommended to clarify the pathogenesis of auto-immune conditions.

Diet Recommendations For Diabetics

Your body will certainly end up being much less conscious your own insulin when your diet regimen contains low-glycemic carbs combined with good healthy protein as well as excellent fat. I would like to reveal you foods that you can consume rather than foods you can not. All of us love to consume as well as we have a great deal of various foods to select from. It is so vital to our overall health and also lifestyle to select the foods that are going to help us not hurt us.

ADHD Symptoms – Lack of Attention and Concentration

ADHD signs and symptoms are of different types and also this trouble is mainly acquired to tiny preschoolers prior to 7, youngsters’s and also grown-up additionally. Also in this ADHD there are 3 various types which creates to any one of them like inattention indicates absence of attention as well as focus, attention deficit disorder they locate themselves agitated and also worried to go in social environment.

How and Why Chest Breathing Promotes Chronic Diseases

Breast breathing is extremely common nowadays. As much as 70-80% of individuals make use of primarily top breast for their breathing at remainder. It decreases oxygenation of the body and also results in stagnancy in the lymph nodes found under the diaphragm. These factors get worse one’s health and also promote essentially all chronic diseases.

Do You Know What Heartburn Is?

Heartburn is often confused by people with cardiac arrest. Heartburn is various from heart attack.

Q-Fever: A Barnyard Threat

When lots of individuals consider the timeless scent of a barn they think of childhood years, the outdoors, and also quality meats. Few individuals nonetheless envision that the barnyard dirt they are inhaling may be bring a bacteria which can bring about bone infection, chronic lung infection, heart damages, and also fatality. This microorganisms is called Q High temperature.

Why Do I Get Heartburn?

Have you ever been inhabited by the question “why do I get heartburn”? Why are all my colleagues are fine, yet I am the one that is struck by heartburn frequently? If questions such as this, usually come to your mind, after that, I would advise you to please undergo this write-up carefully.

Conditions That A Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon Treats

Pediatric orthopedic cosmetic surgeons are generally specialized in all aspects of bone and joint look after infants, youngsters as well as teenagers. These specialists are specialized in both the medical and also nonsurgical facets for various problems such as bone and joint conditions, skeletal deformities and also other distressing injuries.

Viral Diseases and Their Symptoms

The viral illness happen as a result of an infection of virus. They are usually separated into two areas severe, uncomplicated and also mild. Generally flu-like signs, chilly, pain in the joints are the well-known viral signs and symptoms.

The Dietary Skills for People to Prevent Colorectal Cancer

In order to successfully avoid the cancer, individuals should positively change their diet. The nutrients like vitamins, calcium and selenium can play an essential function in protecting against deadly growths.

Does Stem Cell Therapy for the Spinal Cord Really Work?

Whenever it comes to the health and wellness of individuals, medical science has contributed a lot in this field. There have actually been lots of diseases that were taken into consideration incurable but with the improvements in this area, a lot of the disorders have been healed as well as are no a lot more taken into consideration deadly or incurable. These days, even the persistent disease are treatable.

Can Stem Cell Therapy Bring Improvements for Parkinson’s?

The mankind has actually been dealing with lots of deadly illness considering that the presence of life. With the passage of time, individuals obtained cures for the disease as well. Even in today’s world there are conditions which are considered incurable. Researchers are burning the midnight oil in order to get treatment for the incurable conditions.

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