Dr Tedros closing speech to the Special session of World Health Assembly

The World Health Assembly (WHA) gathered for a special session 29 November to 1 December.

The WHA normally meets each May. This special session (the second in the history of the WHO) was called for in a decision adopted by the Member States at the Seventy-fourth World Health Assembly: Decision WHA74(16).

During the session, the Member States considered the following single substantive agenda item:

Consideration of the benefits of developing a WHO convention, agreement or other international instrument on pandemic preparedness and response with a view towards the establishment of an intergovernmental process to draft and negotiate such a convention, agreement or other international instrument on pandemic preparedness and response, taking into account the report of the Working Group on Strengthening WHO Preparedness and Response to Health Emergencies.

The Working Group on Strengthening WHO Preparedness and Response to Health Emergencies, established at the WHA74, has met on five occasions and considered findings from several bodies in preparing its report.

learn more: https://www.who.int/news-room/events/detail/2021/11/29/default-calendar/second-special-session-of-the-world-health-assembly

Stroke – It’s More Than a Golf Score

Strokes were first recognized over 2,000 years earlier by Hippocrates. He described it as apoplexy – which actually indicates “stuck down by physical violence” in the Greek language. Any person who has witnessed a person having a stroke can see why the abrupt paralysis experienced by the target would be referred to by that term.

Is This the New Pandemic?

Is your child the one in 4? One quarter, yes one in four of all American women between the ages of 15 and also 19 are infected with among these …

You Can Avoid Infection and a Pandemic Can Still Kill You

When many people think of the possibility of a severe pandemic visiting their neck of the woods, it is the worry of becoming infected that terrifies them. In the situation of a flu stress that eliminates as successfully as the one that circled around the globe in 1918, the possibility is hardly a soothing one. When it comes to blue collar workers it is thought that in some U.S. neighborhoods the death price for those infected was as high as 10 percent.

Combat Swine Flu

Swine Flu is spreading out like an epidemic. It currently has actually taken the lives of lots of people almost everywhere worldwide. Yet there’s no indicate be afraid of it. By recognizing the signs and symptoms and also taking preventative measures anybody can prevent it. This post will tell you regarding the signs as well as the preventative measures that you can require to stop swine flu.

Swine Flu Vaccine Update – Who’s at Risk?

‘Swine flu’, the H1N1 virus, is on its method. Vaccine manufacturers are clambering to produce an effective vaccination to safeguard us. Will there suffice? Otherwise, that gets to go to the front of the line?

Acoustic Neuroma – Coping With Diagnosis Aftershock and Treatment Aftereffects

Coping with an acoustic neuroma medical diagnosis, therapy selections, or treatment effects can be extremely difficult. These tips are supplied to assist you in handling this ordeal.

5 Lifestyle Changes That Can Prevent Acid Reflux Disease

Do you typically experience uncomfortable signs of acid reflux disease? You might bask recognizing that making acid reflux diet plan adjustments in addition to various other lifestyle modifications can considerably lower the event of heartburn signs and symptoms. Below are 5 recommended way of living changes that would certainly match your heartburn diet in easing indigestion signs and symptoms:

Do I Need a Rabies Vaccine?

Do you know what a spelunker is? Review this uncommon activity that is considered high danger for contracting rabies. This feared disease is always fatal if not dealt with. International tourists in jeopardy should be immunized versus rabies. Seek advice from a travel physician before departure to discuss rabies inoculation and various other vital vaccinations and also take a trip safety and security tips.

Do I Need a Meningitis Vaccine?

Earlier this year, 2 Ohio College student discovered something that was most definitely out their university curriculum. Both of them got bacterial meningitis, a potentially dangerous infection that can kill a solid man in simply a few hrs. The good news is, these trainees recuperated.

Traveler’s Diarrhea – Do I Need Antibiotics?

This is a debatable problem. Several international travelers pack some Cipro or one more antibiotic in situation Montezuma’s vengeance strikes them with a fierceness. Are antibiotics the ideal option for vacationer’s looseness of the bowels? Exists a risk? What else can vacationers do?

Personal Story About Solving Irritable Bowel Syndrome Associated With Weight Loss

I am as well as have been a patient of short-tempered digestive tract syndrome (IBS) for many years. The trouble was worsened as I evaluated 150kg (330lbs).

Understanding Cystic Fibrosis and Its Causes

Cystic fibrosis is a chronic condition where it influences different organs such as the liver, lungs, pancreatic, as well as intestines. People with persistent cystic fibrosis have actually interrupted salt levels in the body.

Reduce Your Children’s Flu Symptoms by 50 Percent

While Swine Flu has been in the headlines so much lately with dreadful tales of youngsters without hidden wellness problems dying from the ailment, say thanks to goodness most youngsters who obtain influenza do recuperate after a few days. However, the symptoms throughout that time for all kinds of influenza can be extreme.

Fibromyalgia Symptoms – Learn the Signs

Fibromyalgia is a medical condition of which has actually only been lately approved as an actual illness. There are no well-known reasons which have actually been formally figured out in years of research as well as research study to even more recognize this condition.

Swine Flu Prevention – Are You at Risk?

In June 2009, The Globe Health Organization (THAT) stated swine influenza a pandemic. A pandemic is an epidemic impacting a great part of the populace over a big geographic area. Current records show it has spread to all components of the globe including holiday locations and island trips. If you are preparing for a trip it is very important you obtain an upgrade on the infection circumstance in that area.

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