Dr Tedros announcing the 3rd call of the Health for All Film Festival

WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus launched at WHO’s press conference of 28 October 2021 the 3rd call for films of the Health for All Film Festival.
Created in 2020 by the World Health Organization for promoting health through short films (3 to 8′ long) in various styles (documentary, fiction, animation), this new edition contains three “Grand Prix” categories: Universal health coverage (UHC) – Health emergencies – Better health and well-being. Three other special prizes will also be attributed: our regular Student Film prize, and two new ones: Health Innovation film and a film about Rehabilitation.
More info: www.who.int/film-festival

Treatment For Kidney Stone – Clinical Treatments

Modern technology has actually made some astonishing developments of late and therapy for kidney stone troubles is one of them. These therapies are normally only offered within hospitals right now and they have been very successful in dissolving the stones and also alleviating the pain.

Heartburn Foods That You Can Avoid

Getting rounds of heartburn is bothersome. It can make you disabled for just a few mins. When it begins you wish that it disappears really quickly and it generally does.

Symptoms of Candida Albicans

Candida fungus resides in all of us as a bacteria. It only becomes a concern when our body immune system is jeopardized or Candida albicans overgrowth is caused by some form of irritant that can be in the kind of food and even chemicals in your home or in the office. Hormonal agent discrepancies additionally have the possible to cause Candida overgrowth. This short article describes carefully concerning Candida albicans and provides the symptoms you can expect.

Mononucleosis Facts – When to Call the Doctor

Mononucleosis truths as well as stats reveal that in the majority of individuals, mono is a fairly light, self-limiting infection. Nevertheless relying on the age of the person, their health and wellness history and their immune condition, this virus has the potential to be very serious with dangerous complications.

Influenza Pandemics

Previous pandemics of flu resulted from cross-infection of human beings by the avian influenza infection. In 1918, one of the most disastrous pandemic, the infection resulted from an anomaly in the infection; whereas, the other 2 smaller pandemics happened from a reassortment of the infection antigen.

Swine Flu and the H1N1 Virus

It is hard not to have actually been pestered by details in the previous year concerning swine influenza, or Influenza A H1N1, as it is understood in the clinical community. The inundation of information concerning swine flu has caused lots of people ending up being frustrated or skeptical concerning the impact of this brand-new stress of flu. While researchers have been awaiting a pandemic from bird influenza, swine flu has actually taken over the cutting edge of the media.

Mono Treatment – Stress and Adrenal Exhaustion

Anxiety is a well-known consider subduing immunity as well as triggering the Epstein Barr virus that creates mononucleosis. Mono treatment needs to address stress and anxiety as well as adrenal exhaustion in order for you to make a complete and also full recovery from this illness.

Infectious Mononucleosis Cure

The Epstein Barr virus that creates mono is a latent virus that can be reactivated when the body is diminished or immune reduced. A contagious mononucleosis treatment ought to target at getting the body over the key infection promptly as well as keeping the virus at bay for life. This can be done by improving the immune system, fixing the adrenal glands, as well as cleansing the liver as well as lymph.

Five Business Tips For Communicating H1N1 Preparedness

Interacting with your employees, consumers, and also corporate leaders is a vital part of any disaster monitoring plan. This short article offers 5 steps that will help you fine-tune your interior communications technique throughout the H1N1/swine flue pandemic.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – 5 Drug Free Ways to Fight the Fatigue

Fatigue generally inhabits the entire life of a fatigue syndrome (CFS) sufferer. Really feeling drab and also diminished of energy, he would tend to slouch around. His favored place would certainly be the couch as well as the bed as it appears to take a great deal of energy to do anything throughout the day.

What is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)? – In Layman’s Terms

Even more than 12 million Americans have been diagnosed with persistent obstructive lung condition, the fourth cause of death in the United States, with a similar variety of individuals undiagnosed as yet. So what is COPD?

Removing Kidney Stones – 3 Effective Medical Treatments

Getting rid of kidney rocks or trying to find a therapy that will certainly permit you to pass them will rely on the size of the stones, as well as the discomfort that you are experiencing. Any kind of therapy you take a look at for getting rid of kidney rocks must offer you with pain relief along with clearing the stones from your body.

Treating Kidney Stones – Clinical Kidney Stone Treatments

When you are checking out treating kidney stones there are a number of variables that will certainly require to be taken into account. Relying on the dimension of the stones as well as your current health and wellness condition, you will have various alternatives for treatment.

The 2009-2010 Flu Season – Tips That Can Help You Through

It is that time of the year once again, when influenza strikes thousands of individuals. The term “Influenza”, a contagious breathing ailment, is triggered by influenza viruses. It spreads out from person-to-person and also can cause light to serious illness, as well as in many cases it can result in death.

What is Severe Heartburn?

If you have read any of my previous articles, you ought to have a mutual understanding of heartburn as well as some of its causes. Nevertheless, some individuals experience serious heartburn. In this situation, you might be suffering from the difficulties of heartburn.

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