COVID19 / health workers – Phosphoros – 2021 GRAND PRIX for Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

“Phosphoros” is a beautiful tribute to the heroes and heroines dressed in white – the health workers saving lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. This short animation film obtained in 2021 a “GRAND PRIX” in the 2nd edition of the Health for All Film Festival by the World Health Organisation for its competition category on Universal Health Coverage (UHC). It’s a film directed by Susana Beatriz Serrano (El Salvador).

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Enlarged Liver And Spleen Disease

Enlarged liver and spleen problems are regularly complicated to spot. This article offers causes and hints that a liver as well as spleen enlargement problem might be creating.

Laparoscopy for Endometriosis – Can It Do More Harm Than Good?

Laparoscopy for endometriosis is a means to look at the pelvic body organ, examine the indoor walls, as well as locate the lesions that require to be gotten rid of. Once that is done, the sores are removed. The entire treatment is done under anaesthesia. The success rate of the laparoscopy is high, yet reoccurrence is still feasible. Regardless, there are better, as well as less dangerous means to heal endometriosis entirely.

Feel Good With Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment Medication

There is a considerable variety of patient recovering from Alzheimer’s condition around the world. Elderly individual is most at risk with the illness. It is referred to as long bye-bye. Alzheimer’s condition is an abnormality of the brain that creates individual to have misconceptions to see and also hear points in the past.

The Need for Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

According to medical research study, there is no medical examination in identifying Alzheimer’s condition. Though, nowadays, imaging technology that is made use of in detecting plaques as well as tangles is becoming more properly.

Endometriosis Surgery – Can It Do More Harm Than Good?

The endometriosis surgical procedure is the most reliable means to do away with endometriosis. A minimum of according to doctors. Actually, the dangers, related to the treatment can be dangerous, and the reappearance price is around 3%. There are far better means to eliminate endometriosis.

An Overview of IBS Treatments

According to records, regarding 70% percent individuals having IBS do not obtain healthcare to treat their signs and symptoms. It is quite unfortunate that most individuals endure from these symptoms long before they really seek appropriate medical therapies.

The Immune System and the Challenges It Faces

The immune system plays an important function in the body’s general well-being. In order for us to work appropriately, every part of our body has to go to its optimal performance. This can be rather tough as there are many harmful organisms that our bodies face on a daily basis. By having a healthy and balanced body immune system, we are able to battle against a lot of these microorganisms.

More Than Half of Americans Suffer From One or More Chronic Conditions

Visualize that, over half of Americans suffer from several persistent conditions, and also this is with the enhancement in therapies and therapies we have readily available to us nowadays. The question we have to ask ourselves is, why is this taking place?

Is There Really Such a Thing As an Age-Related Disease?

How do you define age-related conditions? Based upon the words used, it describes illness connected with aging. All human beings age, yet not all maturing people are ill. If all human beings experience the aging process but not all those who are aging are sick of the so called age related illness, then it is risk-free to state that aging and also age related illness are 2 distinct and separate things.

How Responsible Are We When It Comes to Our Health?

We human beings are really odd animals. While on the one side, we will do everything in our power to maintain ourselves safe, and also to additionally maintain our kids risk-free, beyond of the coin, we will go to a hamburger joint, order one of the most undesirable meal possible, and after that request a diet drink to go with it. Where is the thinking behind that? It is actions like this that got me believing; how seriously do we actually take our lives when we speak about being healthy and balanced, protecting against diseases, as well as watching out for our children to make certain that they are safe?

Stomach Ulcers – Signals and Causes

A belly abscess can be discussed as a small hole within the membrane layer in the finish with the belly tooth cavity. Duodenal is widely seen as the most popular type of ulcers. It routinely shows up to the beginning 12 inches on the little digestive tract.

Natural Treatments For Fibromyalgia – Treating Fibromyalgia

Numerous individuals every year have their lives devastated by fibromyalgia. There are numerous symptoms that these clients need to handle each day. Fortunately, there are additionally a lot of natural treatments readily available to help with these signs also.

If Your Child’s Friend Has Chicken Pox, Set a Play Date!

There are lots of health and wellness myths and also bad concepts that recirculate consistently. Several of them can put your child … as well as your entire family members … at risk.

Endometriosis Cure – Is There Such a Thing?

Endometriosis is an unsafe illness, as well as ought to be treated in a timely manner – otherwise it can spread to other organs. This is understood as stage 4 endometriosis. Endometriosis treatment does exist, and it is a way if indirectly supplying your body with what it needs, in order to remove the condition on its very own. All various other forms of therapy are very inadequate and have a high recurrence price.

Skin Issues Associated With Fibromyalgia – Keeping Your Skin Safe

Once you are detected as having fibromyalgia you will possibly begin noticing that you likewise have a range of various skin problems. This is simply one more component of this syndrome. What adheres to is a checklist of a few of one of the most usual kinds of skin issues that individuals with fibromyalgia often tend to struggle with.

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