Call for short films – 3rd edition of the Health for All Film Festival

The 3rd edition of the Health for All Film Festival calls for submissions until 30 January 2022.
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Created in 2020 by the World Health Organization for promoting health through short films (3 to 8′ long) in various styles (documentary, fiction, animation), this new edition contains three “Grand Prix” categories: Universal health coverage (UHC) – Health emergencies – Better health and well-being. Three other special prizes will also be attributed: our regular Student Film prize, and two new ones: Health Innovation film and a film about Rehabilitation.
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How to Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is when your bones get weak and also at some point hollow out, making you vulnerable to bone cracks. Weakening of bones is a typical affliction that affects lots of individuals worldwide, however you can quickly reduce your danger if you adhere to some straightforward pointers.

Emphysema Treatment and Causes

Emphysema diminishes the capability of the lungs. This sort of obstructive lung disease can be dealt with, if not treated or turned around. Breathing exercises with the help of a gadget can help significantly.

Sacroiliac Joint Pain and Dysfunction

The SI joint is made up of the sacrum bone and also the 2 ileum bones on both sides. The sacrum is comprised of 5 vertebrae which are anatomically fused together and the ileum forms the pelvis.

Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease wherein there is a high risk for bone fracture due to lower in bone thickness. Epidemiology shows that females are more susceptible to osteoporosis than males.

Medial Epicondylitis – Prevention and Treatment

Median epicondylitis or golf enthusiast’s arm joint is basically the exact same with tennis elbow. The location of discomfort and also the activities which trigger the discomfort are the only major difference.

Bone Up on Health – Osteoporosis

The typical grownup has 206 bones in their body. As you know, our bones are very important for lots of reasons as well as hence we need to take care of them faithfully to remain healthy and balanced and also maintain a lifestyle.

What is Palmoplantar Psoriasis?

Palmoplantar psoriasis is psoriasis of the hands and also sole. Psoriasis might impact the palms and soles in numerous means; they seem really scaly with red spot just similar to the ones discovered on the skin, they show up all over the hands and single in a thick flaky form.

4 Natural and Secret Ways You Can Fight a Cold

It is currently the wintertime period and also this is generally the moment when a great deal of individuals capture the flu. It is terrible feeling having the flu and you have to miss job which suggests that you will certainly lose revenue.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome – A Preventable Tragedy

Abnormality are a tragic potential end result to pregnancy. It can be heart-breaking to have a kid who struggles with a congenital or hereditary problem. However a lot more unfortunate still is when a youngster deals with a preventable issue, a problem triggered due to the mommy’s life decisions.

Learn How to Avoid the Flu

Have you ever before noticed that some people appear to be super vulnerable to capturing the influenza, while others seldom get it? While it might have something to do with luck, it additionally most likely has a whole lot to do with the fundamental habits that such people have. There are many means to avoid the flu; learn them as well as follow them to keep the influenza away as much as feasible.

Disinfectant Medical Wipes to Protect the Workplace

The recent H1N1 influenza epidemic just revealed what actually has actually been a growing problem. That is that as viruses have been progressively coming to be extra immune to typical antibiotics as well as therapies, they have also come to be a lot more virulent.

Power of Herbs in Acid Reflexes and Its Treatment

Usually, individuals deal with poor digestive tract motion. Symptoms linked with this poor digestive tract movement or bad digestive tract health and wellness is indigestion, anxiety, queasiness, throwing up, head ache, bloating, unwanted gas, burping and heart burning feeling. You might feel thickness in your tummy and also abdominal cramping is experienced sometimes.

Financial Difficulties With Crohn’s Disease – How Not to Drown in the Sea of Money

Crohn’s disease is an awful point. It can lead to a crumby monetary scenario as a result of not just extreme discomfort, however too much restroom usage, which means time spent in the shower room is invested instead of working, examining, and anything else to guarantee monetary safety and security for today as well as future.

Mistakes Lead to Pain and Excess Usage of the Bathroom

Foods can make points worse, indicating that food can be a prime error. Understanding is power, as well as that is why one diagnosed with Crohn’s has to understand, along with adhere to, the Crohn’s diet plan to prevent dangerous food. Dangerous foods are specified as foods that encourage pain, as well as can include harsh foods, or likewise called foods with a high appearance density.

Divide and Conquer – Understandings of Crohn’s Sub-Categories – Part 1

Crohn’s condition is a really significant condition, but, similar to say cancer, it is a very vague condition. In reality, Crohn’s is assumed to lead into 3 subcategories of a GI tract disease. Although there might be various variant of the intestinal tract illness, the same remedy that is the Crohn’s condition diet plan is very comparable. Nevertheless, understanding which category of the condition one ma y have can cause variants in the diet regimen, such as stressing one food or one more, for instance, as well as, hence, quicker, far better results in pain relief and/or absence.

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