Appel à films courts pour le 3e Festival du Film “Santé pour tous”

Le 3e appel du Festival du Film “Santé pour tous” est ouvert jusqu’au 30 Janvier 2022.
Merci de partager cette vidéo pour le faire connaître au plus grand nombre !
Ce festival du film court (durée de 3 à 8′) a été créé en 2020 par l’Organisation mondiale de la santé pour promouvoir la santé via différents styles de réalisation audiovisuelle (documentaire, fiction, animation). Il propose trois catégories “Grand Prix” : La couverture sanitaire universelle (CSU), les urgences sanitaires, et l’amélioration de la santé et du bien-être. Trois autres prix spéciaux seront également attribués : Le prix du film étudiant, le prix sur l’innovation en santé, et le prix du film sur la réhabilitation.
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Swine Flu – Most Important Facts

Swine flu is a breathing condition that is many times seen in pigs. The current H1N1 infection nonetheless is not a stress that has actually ever been seen in swine.

Info 101 – H1N1 Holiday Update

The Centers for Disease Control as well as Avoidance has actually identified that the pandemic has subsided throughout the county of late, as has the number of flu-related institution closings. Make indisputable concerning it, however. H1N1 is still available, and also, to day, has actually contaminated about 22 million Americans, while being linked to some 4,000 fatalities– 540 of them children.

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Heartburn natural solutions are your best option if you deal with heartburn which is getting worse which does not react to antacid. Indigestion is something that is a little bit even worse than just heartburn. Taking antacid for an extended period of time is actually negative for your health.

Ten Steps in the Reflux Remedy Report

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Salmonella Dangers

Salmonella is the name of a group of germs located in the intestinal tract tracts of human beings as well as pets which can create illness in human beings. If a person eats a food that has been contaminated with salmonella bacteria, they can get sick with diarrheal ailment. The majority of people who are contaminated create fever, pains, and looseness of the bowels from 12 to 72 hrs after exposure. Generally, the health issues lasts from 4 to 7 days. In many cases, the bacterial infection might spread out from the intestinal tracts right into the blood stream. If the infection continues to spread via the body, the sufferer can pass away. As a result, some major instances call for timely a hospital stay and also therapy with prescription antibiotics.

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Yeast infection (YI) is triggered by a fungus called Yeast Albicans, currently this kind of fungi is currently existing in our bodies and they are relatively harmless. But if your body goes through a significant imbalance, like you obtained really ill or your expectant, it can set off the growth of the fungus as well as thus result to an infection. If you have actually currently been a victim of the illness you recognize how uneasy it is and just how tough it is to eliminate them. Currently the most typical concern for the YI sufferer is exactly how to effectively deal with a yeast infection?

Asbestos Related Disorders

Just how is treated asbestosis? People with asbestosis, as others struggling with chronic lung illness, are at greater threat of major infection, low degrees of oxygen in the blood, and also heart failing. These individuals also might not recuperate as promptly to viral and microbial infections.

Complete Information on Avascular Necrosis

The first symptoms of the condition called avascular necrosis are pain and pain in the impacted areas that increase while doing manual labor. Discomfort is likewise felt in the groin if the hip is impacted. The hip is just one of the extra typical areas where this disease has actually been reported. The rigidity accompanying the discomfort raises with time. This makes it tough to stroll and also finish fundamental duties.

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