3- Servicios de salud bucodental/COVID-19: procedimientos de limpieza, desinfección, esterilización

En este breve vídeo se explican las recomendaciones de la Organización Mundial de la Salud sobre los procedimientos de limpieza, desinfección y esterilización que deben aplicarse en los servicios de atención de la salud bucodental durante la pandemia de COVID-19. Los procedimientos están diseñados para proteger tanto a los pacientes como al personal de atención de la salud bucodental frente a la infección por el virus de la COVID-19.

El vídeo está destinado principalmente a la formación de equipos de salud bucodental en materia de prevención y control de infecciones. En términos más generales, los destinatarios son las autoridades de salud pública, en particular los responsables de la salud bucodental, y el personal de atención de la salud bucodental que realiza o asiste en los procedimientos descritos y que trabaja tanto en el sector público como en el privado. Las personas que estén pensando en pedir una cita para recibir atención bucodental también pueden encontrarlo útil como referencia para las prácticas que deben esperar en los establecimientos de atención de la salud bucodental durante la pandemia y después de ella.

Gout – Causes, Symptoms and Foods to Avoid

Have you been a victim of constant gout arthritis strikes? And otherwise, have you ever before took a seat as well as asked on your own what actually creates this agonizing kind of inflammatory arthritis? Well, its enters into being when the high levels of uric acid crystallize as well as develop big down payments around the ligaments, bordering tissues and joints.

Gout Foods, Diets and Treatment

Understood to influence over 1%of the western human being, gout arthritis has for several years been made as a deadly condition, which otherwise dealt with early after discovery can be deadly. Prompt discovery of its signs and also causes can be a possible course to a much healthier, painless and also much more meeting life afterwards.

Do You Know What Causes Acid Reflux?

There isn’t a precise response to what causes acid reflux, however the explanation to what activates heartburn are mainly as a result of the behavior of consuming as well as living way of life. This kind of conditions typically occurs throughout digestion as explained by its name; acidic web content from the tummy was churned up right into the esophagus, which at a lot of times, patients really feel the burning sensation location in the chest or at the throat. This frequently occurs when the individual’s belly have high degree of acid, way too much of tomato sauces that is high in acid material and fatty food …

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s condition, in some cases described as “drinking palsy,” affects approximately half a million individuals in the USA. It is a problem that results from the deterioration of certain mind cells, and also its most characteristic attribute is malfunctioning message transmission from the brain to numerous sections of the body. This leads to irrepressible movement, which might be materialized as tremor, muscular rigidness or slowness.

What is Scarlet Fever – Tips For Treating it Properly

Scarlet fever, a health problem brought on by the very same microorganisms located in cases of strep throat, was as soon as a fatal condition considerably been afraid by moms and dads of young kids. Nevertheless, due to modern antibiotics, it is no much longer thought about a severe ailment however is similar in intensity to capturing a bad influenza, strep throat, or the hen pox.

Ulcerative Colitis Treatments

There are several ways to deal with Ulcerative Colitis. Such as -Probiotic Therapy – Has been displayed in numerous clinical tests to be as effective as anti inflammatory drugs.

Cryptosporidium – How Does it Affect Your Health and Why is it So Hard to Destroy?

Cryptosporidium can cause diarrhea and tummy pains for a number of weeks. It is harmful for ones health and wellness particularly if it dehydrates the body of kids or individuals with reduced resistance. It is so difficult to spot and also tough to ruin. House water filters that are accredited are one of the very best options for eliminating it from your water.

Nail Psoriasis

What is psoriasis? Psoriasis (Ps) is a long-term (chronic) scaling condition of the skin, which affects 2%-3% of the UK population. It appears as red, raised flaky patches called plaques.

A Simple Pill That Can Eliminate Yeast Problems

Many individuals take tablets daily. Usually that are natural tablets that contain vitamins and natural treatments that help to maintain our body in its natural equilibrium. However, the tablets may likewise be pharmaceutical remedies that we take for various factors.

Tips For Fighting Household Germs

Germs are all over. Under the best problems, they can increase every 20 mins. Although many may not realize it, we capture a majority of transmittable diseases in our residence. Consequently, if we desire to stay well, minimizing germs in the house need to be a high priority.

Diverticulitis, Diverticulosis, and Dietary Fiber

Diverticulitis can create serious stomach pain. This post describes just how diverticulitis is a straight outcome of eating a low-fiber diet regimen.

Tuberculosis and Candida – Which Antibiotics and Treatment You Should Take?

Are you having consumption and candida at the exact same time and also puzzled about what prescription antibiotics you should take? When a person has tuberculosis, typically she has no choices other than to take an antibiotic therapy.

Fatty Liver and Tiredness – What is the Connection?

Fatty liver is a dangerous condition that triggers very light symptoms, consisting of exhaustion. However just how are both connected? And also exactly how can you eliminate it?

Following a Fatty Liver Diet

Find out how you can look after your liver and reverse numerous diseases following a straightforward liver diet plan. Shield the biggest body organ in your body.

Kidney and Urinary Tract Stones

Stones in the urinary system prevail and are found in both males and females, through hardly ever before the age of 20. There are various sorts of stones, each composed of various combinations of chemicals generally eliminated by the kidneys. It is not known specifically what triggers these rocks to develop, yet there are lots of concepts. Some authorities think that clients have actually an inherited tendency towards the info of rocks, while others believe they just might be the outcome of usual family members practices of diet regimen, water consumption, and mode of living.

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